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Clear business writing

Clear writing is essential for all businesses: to promote good customer relations and a good image, to avoid misunderstandings and claims, and to save time and costs relating to reviewing and writing documents.

This workshop helps anyone who wants to improve their ability to write more clearly and precisely, and with impact. The course focuses on style but it also includes a review of common grammar-errors (including punctuation) and provides some spelling tips.

Key details


Course length

Four or six hours

Course length may vary for in-house training

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who writes business letters and email, memos, reports and other business documents

As a result of attending, you will:

  • learn to write more clearly, accurately and with impact
  • learn to identify and avoid common errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • take with you a set of best-practice guidelines


This course will cover:

  • writing for the reader
  • getting the message across: structure and order of information
  • keeping it short and simple including: avoiding archaic language, wordiness, unnecessary information and repetition
  • avoiding clichés and over-standardisation
  • writing unambiguously
  • dealing with gender problems: he or she or they and alternative wording
  • adopting the right tone (formal or informal) and using diplomatic language
  • identifying and avoiding common grammar problems, eg, relating to split infinitives; singular and plural; I or me
  • reviewing punctuation rules and choices
  • using simple spelling-tips and improving proofreading
  • exercises throughout, working individually and in small groups, with group and trainer feedback


Stella Styllis or Alan Simmons, both having specialised for many years in delivering clear-writing training to lawyers, business people and support staff from the UK and from overseas.

Dates & fees

Public courses: no dates are currently listed. Please contact us for possible future dates.

The course is available as tailored in-house training and one-to-one training. Please contact Stella Styllis  to discuss the options and for a quote.

Please contact us to enquire about this course