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Our “Three Key Questions” programme consists of five two-hour modules. We recommend that you attend all the modules, in the order set out below, but the flexibility of this programme means you can pick and choose which modules you want to attend and when.

We also offer free individual coaching following the modules.

Module 1: Three key questions on your marketing plan
Module 2: Three key questions on your personal brand
Module 3: Three key questions on networking
Module 4: Three key questions on selling
Module 5: Three key questions on presenting

key details

Course length

Five two-hour modules, each optional

Who should attend?

Lawyers at any level who need to learn, or to improve, their selling skills.

By attending this course you will
  • developing the skills that commercial clients prioritise: planning marketing, networking, and selling
  • be able to better compete for new business and retain existing clients in an increasingly competitive market


Module One: Three key questions on your marketing plan
  • Where am I now? A rigorous analysis of your current position, your reputation, contacts and value of your business
  • Where do I want to be? The essence of your plan, covering the detail of six-month, one-year, three-year and five-year goals for you and your practice (or your business)
  • How do I get there? Using a supportive and structured coaching approach we create an action plan for the next steps for you to take, and include additional reading, actions to take with your marketing department and goals to achieve.
Module Two: Three key questions on your personal brand

•     What is my personal brand? An overview of branding generally, and what it means for you, including how to define your existing “brand you

•     How do I work my personal brand? We work together on a systematic, personalised approach to using your own brand to gain business and get more success from your career

•     What are the next steps? Creating a personal plan for the future to build your brand and stay relevant and focused in your offering, in your specific area of work

Module Three: Three key questions on networking

•     Where do I network? An examination of your practice, and the networks you can use to get in front of the right people, including social networking (“You 2.0”)

•     How do I do it? A practical, interactive session on how to select the right networks, set realistic objectives, enter and leave conversations and most importantly follow up

•     What steps do I take next? A planning session to begin to build, or capitalise on, your own network and to help you plan more effectively for the next events you attend

Module Four: Three key questions on selling

•       How can conventional sales methods work in professional services? Using different sales methodologies we look together at some of the most useful tips for professionals in selling in a long-term, relationship-based business model

•       How do I capitalise on my own strengths? Using a “Strengths-finder” questionnaire, we look at the practical implications of your values, and your strengths, on how you will sell best

•       How do I use these skills going forward? We work together to plan your strategy for building your practice in a way that allows you to sell your strengths, and personal brand, and deploys the new skills gained in this session

Module Five: Three key questions on presenting

•      What outcomes do I want to achieve? Planning the outcome of your presentation is the first and critical step in presenting effectively, and we look carefully at the psychology of influence to ensure that you are on track right from the start

•      How do I prepare my presentation? Using our extensive experience in this area, we help you identify the five questions to ask and answer when preparing your presentation

•      How do I present with confidence? We introduce you to techniques to present with confidence and to manage nerves

Dates & fees

Public courses: no dates are currently listed. Please contact us for possible future dates.

The course is available as tailored in-house training and one-to-one training. Please contact Stella Styllis to discuss the options and for a quote.

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