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Business Coaching for senior solicitors

One-to-one coaching and (where appropriate) small group coaching with our accredited coach to help senior solicitors deal with career transitions, fulfil performance objectives, or get to grips with business development issues or management challenges.

Key details

Who is this for?

Any senior solicitor facing a transition in their career, or who is on a promotion track, or who wants to get to grips with management or business development issues.

As a result of attending you will:
  • have a clearer sense of the issues you are facing and be able to articulate the key areas where change may be required
  • gain the support of an impartial coach who can help you do your best thinking
  • be involved in a process that creates accountability for you, enabling you to manage time more effectively and prioritise your urgent and important actions
Session length and how

Each session usually lasts an hour, during the day or in the evening. Sessions can be face-to-face or by phone.


Coaching typically covers:

Session one: a chemistry session to see if you can work effectively with the coach, and to outline the key issues as you see them

Session two:  exploration of the issues in greater depth and creation of your individual action plan; possible use of a psychometric to discover your signature strengths or management style, depending on what is the key issue for you.

Sessions three to seven: further discussion of key issues, with creation of action points for each issue discussed and subsequent review of actions taken.


Emma Rush qualified with the highly-regarded Meyler Campbell Business Coaching Programme in the City, and has coached individuals on both personal and work issues for over four years.  She combines psychometrics with coaching to get the best possible understanding of her clients, and to help them gain a deeper awareness of what they are best at, enjoy most and can contribute. 

Dates & Fees


Sessions are arranged to fit in with your schedule. They can take place face-to-face, by phone and in the evenings.


Session one (“chemistry” session) is free.

Please contact us for a quote for each subsequent session. Discounts are available on the session rate for six sessions booked and paid for in advance.

Please contact us to enquire about this course