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Effective contract drafting and legal writing: Qualified or PSC elective

This practical and participative workshop is essential for lawyers at all levels who want to write more clearly and precisely. Our expert lawyer-trainers help participants improve not only their style and accuracy, but also their ability to ensure completeness of legal content.

Key details

Course length

Six-hours, but length of course can be varied for in-house training.

Who should attend this course?

Trainees, or qualified solicitors at all levels.

As a result of attending, you will be able to:
  • draft and write more clearly and precisely 
  • analyse drafting and writing more closely
  • spot and learn to avoid common drafting and writing problems; understand and practise using guidelines for clear contract-drafting and legal-writing
  • focus on structuring to get the message across and for greater impact
  • brush up on your grammar and punctuation

Note: content may differ between courses for trainees and courses for qualified lawyers. For in-house training, courses can also be tailored to practice area or to meet other firm needs.


This course will cover:
  • writing for the reader and achieving the purpose
  • general style and grammar: making writing concise and precise; tenses; voice (active or passive); syntax and word choice
  • provisos and exceptions (provided that, subject to, notwithstanding)
  • language of obligation and discretion: shall, will, must, may
  • ambiguity: spotting and avoiding it
  • structure of letters and reports; order of information and syntax to meet reader expectations
  • writing for impact
  • punctuation, spelling tips and common grammar problems
Exercises throughout, working individually and in small groups, covering:
  • analysing, deconstructing and redrafting of poor drafting and writing
  • drafting from scratch
  • relevant grammar


Stella Styllis or Alan Simmons. Both have been delivering legal skills and language training for many years to UK and overseas lawyers, with a particular focus on legal writing. Both are multi-lingual experienced lawyers with relevant teaching qualifications.

Dates & fees

Public courses: no dates are currently listed. Please contact us for possible future dates.

The course is available as tailored in-house training and one-to-one training. Please contact Stella Styllis to discuss the options and for a quote.


One of the best courses I have attended. Very impressed by Stella Styllis. The course covered everything I had hoped it would and the material provided will be a useful reminder.  Many thanks!”  Solicitor at City firm

"Excellent content and immediately relevant. Excellent delivery of a course which may not immediately spark interest in potential candidates. Relevant and definitely useful.”  Trainee at City firm

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