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Introduction to negotiating skills: PSC

This practical workshop introduces trainees to negotiation skills. They will gain an undertsanding of their negotiating strengths and weaknesses, and of simple personality typing; and they will learn how to become more effective in all their negotiations as solicitors.

Key details

Course length

Six hours

Who should attend this course?


As a result of attending, you will be able to:
  • be more effective in all your negotiations, from simple one-to-one negotiations to more complex commercial ones
  • understand your own negotiating strengths and weaknesses
  • use body language to raise and lower authority and manage reactions


This course will cover: 
  • introductions and first negotiation
  • when we negotiate; why some are good at it and some are bad at it
  • the vital importance of body language; your “tell”, your weak point, clarifying your outcome and hiding it from the other side 
  • starting with “no” and moving away from win/win
  • gaining a better understanding of what makes negotiations work and what runs them into the buffers – pressure points and relaxing into the deal
  • using the right language and the right mindset; understanding simple personality typing and its influence on negotiating
  • qualifying people in and out – negotiating with the decision makers
  • sticking to an agenda and using self-discipline to control emotion

The course will close with a role-play and feedback.


Emma Rush, who delivers workshops to unlock the ability in everyone to get their best result through negotiation. Emma has a strong understanding of personality typing and how it influences the sub-text of negotiating.  She enjoys watching both over-confident and under-confident people gain assurance that they can get the result they want, or know how to move on.

Dates and fees

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The course is available as tailored in-house training and one-to-one training. Please contact Stella Styllis to discuss the options and for a quote.

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