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Managing self (client service programme)

The second of three modules in our client service programme for support staff and secretaries. See also client service and managing communication.

An effective course to help participants manage their time and work more productively.

Key details

Course length

Three hours

Who should attend this course?

Support staff and secretaries

As a result of attending, you will be able to: 
  • understand the underlying principles of time management
  • use some simple systems to improve your use of time and processing of tasks 
  • work more productively and reduce your stress 
This course will cover: 
  • introductions and setting course objectives 
  • areas in which it is difficult to manage your time – identifying the problems 
  • the time management system: some fundamental principles 
  • mastering workflow 
  • systems to help us 
  • assertiveness and the importance of asking for help 
  • managing “incompletes” 
  • incubation items 
  • reference items and “Read/Review” lists 
  • what to do next: processing and actions 
  • the four D’s and their importance to managing time 
  • the “Next Actions” list and how to use it 
  • the four criteria model for managing time during the day


Emma Rush, who has worked with support staff and secretaries in this area, helping uncover some of the blocks to using time more effectively and getting people to organise themselves in a simpler and more organised manner.

Dates & fees

Public courses: no dates are currently listed. Please contact us for possible future dates.

The course is available as tailored in-house training and one-to-one training. Please contact Stella Styllis to discuss the options and for a quote.

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