Grammar and punctuation brush-up  

Practical and interactive online workshop, with trainer monitoring in breakout rooms.
For professionals, business people and support staff. 

Example outline below for a 3.5-hour course (two sessions of 1.75-hours each). Can vary content and duration.

Small groups of up to 12 preferred, but please discuss numbers with us. 

Why choose this skills course?

This course will help you to write more accurately and confidently. We recommend attending if you have not learnt English grammar in depth or if you want to revise and build on what you have learnt.

What will you achieve by attending?

You will be able to

    • spot and avoid common grammar and punctuation errors
    • spell more accurately
    • distinguish between similar sounding words 
    • distinguish between some US and British English grammar

What will we cover?

    • Avoiding common errors, eg when choosing me, myself or I; less or fewer; and company is or are.
    • Using prepositions correctly (eg Is it between you and me or between you and I?)
    • Dealing with split infinitives 
    • Identifying basic parts of a sentence: subject, verb, object
    • Identifying some classes of words, eg nouns, verbs, adjectives
    • Putting parts of sentences together, including avoiding hanging particles (we will explain!)
    • Ensuring subjects and verbs agree on singular and plural
    • Punctuating accurately, including apostrophes, commas and colons 
    • Commonly confused words, including general, business and legal (as appropriate)
    • Spelling tips
    • Some differences between US and British English 
Exercises throughout in breakout rooms, with trainer monitoring.

Online method

Zoom (preferred) or similar platform
Work in pairs, threes, group and alone
Breakout rooms: trainer monitoring,
screen sharing and joint document annotating
Homework between sessions

Course materials

Guidelines with summary checklist for use in the office
Exercises, drafting analyses and suggested redrafts 


Stella Styllis, Alan Simmons