Grammar in a legal or business context

For lawyers, other professionals, business people, and support staff

Training to help you to use English accurately and confidently. 
 Content tailored to work area and goals. 

Groups and one-to-ones. Small groups for maximum benefit. 

Why choose this course?

This course will help you to use English more accurately and effectively. You will, therefore, make a good impression and be able to compete better with others who work in English.
Our highly experienced solicitor/business-trainers will tailor the course for your needs. They will design exercises to suit your area of work, including by using your chosen terminology, role-plays, and (if you wish) your own documents. 

How will we tailor the course?

We will carry out a pre-course assessment of each person’s needs, including their language level (see the European Council common reference levels). The assessment will include a review of writing samples and a review by video or phone call of listening and speaking skills. We will then help identify goals and will agree course content and duration.  

What we will cover?

  • Grammar: breaking reinforced grammar errors and improving grammar and punctuation
  • Exercises to learn and understand grammar when reading and listening
  • Exercises to practise using grammar accurately when speaking and writing (real work-scenarios and documents)
  • Terminology and its use for your work area, but with grammar as the main focus
  • Comparisons between British English, US English, and other forms of English

Group participants work in the main Zoom room and in breakout rooms. The course is interactive and (we are told) fun!

Online method

Zoom (preferred) or similar platform
Work in pairs, threes, group and alone
Breakout rooms: including screen sharing and working jointly on documents
Trainer help, input and feedback 
Homework between sessions

Course materials

According to agreed content. 


Stella Styllis or Alan Simmons