Legal English language and skills

Highly practical and interactive online workshop. Terminology and content tailored to practice area and needs.
Overall course length and session lengths as agreed.  
Small groups of up to 10 preferred, but higher numbers possible. Please discuss with us.

Why choose this course?

This course will help you to work more accurately and effectively in English. You will increase your confidence in using legal English, make a good impression, and compete better with other lawyers who work in English.
Whether you wish to work generally on your legal English, or on a particular project or a skill, our highly experienced solicitor-trainers will tailor the course to your and your organisation’s needs.

Who should attend?

Lawyers from private practice, industry and government organisations.
You should have at least a B2 level of English (European Council reference for language levels). We will assess your level.
For those with a lower level, please discuss with us a modified course that addresses grammar in a legal context.

How will we tailor the course?

Whatever you wish to work on, we can advise on the appropriate training. We will always agree course objectives and content with you.
To help us tailor your course, we will also assess your language level and your writing and oral skills.

What can we cover?

We will agree course content with you, and you can choose from any of the following. You can also suggest any other content that is not listed.

Legal vocabulary and use
For your practice area and in your chosen context. 

Grammar in a legal context
To address issues identified in pre-course assessment and in training feedback.
Some other common grammar issues, for example relating to prepositions and to countable/uncountable nouns.

British English and American English
Highlighting some differences.

Oral skills (varied as agreed)
Discussing laws and judgments, and comparing your law with English law
Summarising legal texts
Advising clients
Presenting (mini or full presentations)
Participating in meetings
Telephoning and participating in video calls

Writing and drafting
Writing for the reader and for your purposes
Strategies for clear, succinct writing eg avoiding ambiguity and wordiness; structuring sentences, paragraphs and clauses.
Formality and informality, including adjusting tone
Letters and email, including letters of advice
Report extracts
Contract drafting (an introduction)

Recordings and videos, and through listening to the trainer and other participants

Articles, extracts from legal texts, laws and judgments

What exercises will you do?

You will complete exercises throughout, many in pairs and threes so that you benefit from interaction and practice with others.
Exercises include case studies, writing and role-play, all to focus on or recreate real work-scenarios.
We can work on your chosen scenarios, and on your particular work documents so long as you redact and anonymise them for confidentiality.
For contract drafting, we use real template clauses.

See also for particular skills:

Effective contract drafting and writing in English
Email writing in English
Report writing in English



Online method

Zoom (preferred) or similar platform
Work in pairs, threes, group and alone
Breakout rooms: screen sharing and joint work on documents
Trainer help, input and feedback in group and breakout rooms
Homework between sessions

Course materials

According to agreed content. 


Stella Styllis or Alan Simmons