Writing attendance notes: PSC elective

Practical and interactive online workshop, with trainer review and help with drafting in breakout rooms.
For trainees on induction, and for paralegals and apprentices. 

Example outline below for a 3-hour course (two sessions, durations as agreed with each firm).

Small groups of up to 12 preferred, but please discuss higher numbers with us. 

Why choose this skills course?

Solicitors need to be able to write clear and accurate attendance notes, but it takes time to acquire the necessary skills. This course introduces trainees to best practice and gives them a good base from which they can develop these skills quickly and confidently. 
When a firm agrees, we familiarise trainees with the its house style and other preferences by using its templates and showing examples of real attendance notes.

What will trainees achieve by attending?

They will:

  • understand the purpose and importance of attendance notes
  • start adopting best-practice guidelines and tips for taking and writing attendance notes
  • gain practice writing attendance notes

What will we cover?

  • The purpose and importance of attendance notes
  • Differences in types of attendance note and by practice area
  • The importance of house style and supervisor preferences
  • Tips on speedy note-taking if typing is inappropriate

What exercises will trainees do? 

Exercises will include listening to a recording and amending a poorly written attendance note, writing an attendance note as an observer, and (if time) participating in note-taking as the caller.

Trainer and group feedback.


Online method 

Zoom (preferred) or similar platform
Work in pairs, threes, group and alone
Breakout rooms: trainer review and help,
screen sharing and joint document annotating
Homework between sessions 

Course materials

Guidelines with summary checklist for use in the office
Exercises, writing analysis and suggested redrafts


Stella Styllis